Wednesday, 26 July 2017

St Kents

Malo e lelei,Talo falava,Bula vinaka and welcome today I am going to be writing a recount on St Kents.

On Thursday 8th of June we went to St Kents.A group of boys welcomed us and told us what we were going to do then they got us into groups.we all walked in our group to the court there were four stations of games.

We all played well we broke into 2 groups and vs each other when we were playing Kotipi walked in with Mr Meyer then we swapped stations and played different games after that we circled around Musika and sang happy birthday in english and Maori.


  1. That was a great day Sione. We were lucky with the weather too, which made it a fun morning.

  2. Malo e lei Sione, I had lots of fun as well. My favorite activity was the rock paper scissors game. The next time we go there lets try and be in the same group, you know what I mean. What was your favorite game when we were there?

    1. Hi Kotipi yes my favorite game was bang and lets try be in the same team next time.