Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Meuseum

In the museum I experienced the trench.  It felt like a rock and the sacks were at the end. It felt harder than the real sack and, I think the real trench was made out of mud and the soft sacks. In the the trench I saw a small spade, gun, knife and the holy bible. The holy bible was small. It was smaller than a clock. The cover was blue and it was a square. The trench was dark and a little bit cold. At the museum we found Mrs Shorthand husband great great grandfather, he was in the war. We also saw the names on the wall. It had thousands of names on the wall as well. The soldiers all had a place to sleep in the trench. It would of looked like a cupboard where they slept.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Luffa Important Facts

                      Luffa Important Facts 
            1. They are one of the pumpkin melon, and                                                        cucumber family.
                    2. Luffa vines can grow to nine meters long
                       3. The fruit can weight up to 1.5  kilos each.

                     4. Luffas were used in ancient  Egypt  and 
                          have been cultivated for pillows,saddles
                          and helmets and for making slippers and mats.

                  5. Lastly before the second world war,luffa were                              used  as filters in ships'boilers.


Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How to get to my favourite place

1.  First drive straight up Pt England dairy.
2.  Now turn on Erima Avenue go ahead until the pooland round about.
3. Then turn left again on Taniwha street go past two church's and kindergarten.
4. Again turn right on Farringdon road and get ready to turn again.
5. Finally turn on Wimbledon street go right ahead and stop at number 28 Wimbledon street.

How to get to a new destanation

I am going to tell you about my map.

1. First take 16 steps forward from the concrete wall.
2. Next take 11 steps diagonal to the left and face the staff room.
3. Now walk 22 steps forward, keep going diagonal.
4. Then go 12 steps forward.
5. Again  take 15 steps.
6. Go straight 10 steps forward now.
7. Now head 11 steps ahead.
8. Finally walk 7 steps forward and turn right also take one step and you have reached your destination 

I learned how to write instructions and how to write a procedural. I also learned sometimes you need to make your instructions clear.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

How To Draw A Portrait


Someone to draw

I am going to draw a portrait and explain how to draw it.

First get a pencil and draw their head it might be an oval or not. I think that the head shape is more like an oval.
 Next draw a dotted line from the top of the oval to the bottom also draw another dotted line landscape the same way. If you do that it will be easy to draw your eyes,mouth,nose,eyebrows and ears. 

Then draw your eyes like a hill on top and under the dotted line 
and also leave a gap. It is Important you leave a gap or not put your eyes to far apart because it will look weird. 

After that draw your eyebrows and shade it in to add detail also eyelashes. Now draw your nose just draw to lines down and a little bump at the bottom also make it look realistic.

Finally draw your mouth like your eyes but big and lastly draw their hair and shade it in also add detail to it and thats how you draw a portrait.  

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Commonwealth Games

What I know is the Commonwealth Game is in Australia Gold Coast also it by Brisbane Australia and they play sports.Different countries go to play in the Commonwealth Games. They have people represent their country waving their flag there called flag barres.I know that they play because Britain rules the countries.

What I want to know is what countries play and why do people celebrate it. I also want to know what people play at the Commonwealth Games and why they play it also why is it held in Australia Gold Cost.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Visit To Tonga

Once in Canberra their were two desperate couples that wanted to have children, their names were Mele and Fala. When Mele gave birth she was sick Fala said "don't die Mele" but Mele sadly passed away. Fala's son was named Lolo and his daughter was Siu lolo
their son Lolo was so naughty he sweared and was terrible at listening. So their aunty Soana moved in and he was even more naughty so Soana and Fala sent Lolo to Tonga to his uncle Tomasi. A year later Siu lolo,Soana and Fala went to check on Lolo's behaviour and Tomasi said hes a very cheeky boy Tomasi said take him back he bully's my son and little kid's. Fala got the broom and smacked Lolo Soana told him stop it but Fala yelled shut up. Lolo got sent to Barbers head school in Canberra to be thought some discipline and he did not learn good the head boy's brother got his face shoved in the toilet bowl in the boy's toilet. Lolo got grounded by his dad all his friend came to take him to the shops so they can rob them but Fala said to them no he's grounded so Lolo sneaked out the window and he robbed the bank instead so Soana woke up and saw the news it said hello hello hello my name is Sari Williams Im your host for today a teenage boy named Lolo was arrested this morning for robbing the bank when Soana heard that she turn off the t.v and cried. Soana got the car keys and drove to Saint Head chop military academy and said Lolo Im so disappointed at you your father is going to kill you when he finds out Lolo just said dont cry aunty but she could not help it she said it is ok he is not going to die because his dad loves him and she left and Lolo came out and was a good boy and he learned and he had kids he was very happy.