Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Commonwealth Games

What I know is the Commonwealth Game is in Australia Gold Coast also it by Brisbane Australia and they play sports.Different countries go to play in the Commonwealth Games. They have people represent their country waving their flag there called flag barres.I know that they play because Britain rules the countries.

What I want to know is what countries play and why do people celebrate it. I also want to know what people play at the Commonwealth Games and why they play it also why is it held in Australia Gold Cost.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Visit To Tonga

Once in Canberra their were two desperate couples that wanted to have children, their names were Mele and Fala. When Mele gave birth she was sick Fala said "don't die Mele" but Mele sadly passed away. Fala's son was named Lolo and his daughter was Siu lolo
their son Lolo was so naughty he sweared and was terrible at listening. So their aunty Soana moved in and he was even more naughty so Soana and Fala sent Lolo to Tonga to his uncle Tomasi. A year later Siu lolo,Soana and Fala went to check on Lolo's behaviour and Tomasi said hes a very cheeky boy Tomasi said take him back he bully's my son and little kid's. Fala got the broom and smacked Lolo Soana told him stop it but Fala yelled shut up. Lolo got sent to Barbers head school in Canberra to be thought some discipline and he did not learn good the head boy's brother got his face shoved in the toilet bowl in the boy's toilet. Lolo got grounded by his dad all his friend came to take him to the shops so they can rob them but Fala said to them no he's grounded so Lolo sneaked out the window and he robbed the bank instead so Soana woke up and saw the news it said hello hello hello my name is Sari Williams Im your host for today a teenage boy named Lolo was arrested this morning for robbing the bank when Soana heard that she turn off the t.v and cried. Soana got the car keys and drove to Saint Head chop military academy and said Lolo Im so disappointed at you your father is going to kill you when he finds out Lolo just said dont cry aunty but she could not help it she said it is ok he is not going to die because his dad loves him and she left and Lolo came out and was a good boy and he learned and he had kids he was very happy.


Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Room 10 did swimming and Dave was my instructor he thought us the cycle with the board.
At first the pool was cold but then it was warm later.I thought I was going to drown when I first saw the tooters at first I was nervous and not confident but now I am very confident and don't think I will drown.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Kitchen Chemistry

Room 10 did an experiment so we boiled the water in a Milo tin  then we all moved back and waited for the lid to bounce up I was scared when it popped up when we saw the tin the water was gone we also saw steam.The tin was so hot we had to wait for it to cool and the water was boiling the steam had no way to escape when we put the lid on you see we all got a fright and our experiment worked.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

About Me 2018

About me

Hello! Welcome, today I will be telling you about myself. If you want to know some facts about me read this and then you will get to know me better.

I am nine years old. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers I go to Ruapotaka school I am in room 10. I have an awesome teacher named Miss Misela and I am a year six.
Nearly my whole class are my best friends.
My hobbies or my favourite thing to do is to dance, sing and also talk a lot. I also love to play soccer it fun when you get a goal. I'm also very excited for the manaiakalani film festival. All of the school around here make a movie and it is shown at Sylvia Park Hoyts theater. When they turn off the light it's so dark, the presenters have the best seats right up the front. Every other students sit up at the back and support them.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Cardboard Cathedral

Related imageThe cardboard cathedral was built in august 2013 and it is located in Christchurch New Zealand on Hereford street it took one year to build the cardboard church.

My letter on my voyage to New Zealand

Hello my friends I'm going to write a letter about me voyaging to New Zealand.While I am sailing   to New Zealand I feel so nervous and exited that I even have butterfly's in my stomach right now.
I feel a little bit sad that I am moving but I still fell happy.I also feel like I'am going to get hurt.Lastly I feel like we are going to create the best land ever and to be honest I fell scared as well.Thank you for listening to my letter my friends.