Thursday, 17 May 2018

My Hip Hop Class With Jess

My Hip Hop class with Jess was fun. First Jess told us to have a warm up. She said we need to warm up because our mussels need to be warm. She also taught us how to whip and how to do the shoot. Jess let us play musical statue the winners were Agueer and Alamoni.  When we had our warm up my hand and arms also my toes were hurting,soar and tired.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

This is what I know about Maori people

This is a list of what I know about Maori people in the past and Maori people in the present.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Me and my groups Road Safety video

Me and my group made a safety video to encourage people to stop,look and listen. Also it telling people keep of your phone and focus where your walking also too watch if anyone's behind your vehicle. Always watch out for your younger siblings before they do get run over and die. If you watch this video you can see how Reality went to jail for almost running over Agueer If you run some one over you might go to jail too. Lastly if you are in jail you have to be bailed out or you just might have to stay in jail until they let you out.

Friday, 11 May 2018

alphabetical order singers

A. Ariana Grande
B. Britney Spears
C. Chris brown
D. Demi Lavato
E. Ed sheeran
F. Frankie Sand ford
G. Gabrielle Aplin
H. Harry styles
I. Ivan Martinez
J. Justin Biber
K. Kim Jonghyun
L. Lauren Jauregui
M. Meghan Trainor
N. Nicki Minaj
O. Olivia O'Brien
P. Paula Abdul
Q. Queen Wei
R. Rachel Crow
S. Sophia Grace Brownlee
T. Taylor Swift
U. Una Healy
V. Vanessa Hudgens
W. Whitney Houston
X. Ximena Sarinana
Y. Young Lyric
Z. Zac Brown

My favourite story in TOITOI

On Monday the 7th of May 2018 the people from TOITOI visited us and gave us book ten of TOITOI.
Mona and Joe came and their team.
They came because they wanted to encourage us to publish a book.

First we split up in groups and we read stories together. My Favourite story was fireworks it was about how happy a little girl and her family loved to watch the Maori fireworks. she loved it when her mum and dad put a blanket around her and let her sit on the roof of the car. 

My Other favourite story was why I hate swimming on Mondays. I really enjoyed how she described the story. She explained why she did not like swimming. She said she did not like swimming because if you changed you had to put your tell over the pee from the boys changing room. Next she said once she tried to stay out of swimming by not bringing her togs. This time she said if she left her togs her and her friend will get cloths from the lost and found which was just sacks. She also said if you had no togs you would have to swim in cold icy water as part of a punishment. Lastly she said if you changed you had to watch the brave people swim a bit longer and get splashed with water.

Finally My Last story is My Friend Dominic. It was about how Konzay missed Dominic and he said Dominic was the nicest person to him and that Dominic came with a carving from Tonga. Konzay also mention that Dominic let him have one of   his carving. Konzay also said the carving is in his room. Also Konzay said Dominic taught him how to do a Tongan dance. Lastly he said Dominic is Tongan and Fijian.

The last thing is it made me feel like I was there and It reminded me of when me and my family went to see the matariki fireworks.

Monday, 7 May 2018

In my holidays

On the second Saturday on the 28th April we had my uncles 21st birthday celebration. First we decorated the hall me my mum,dad,2 sisters,2 brothers and my other uncle and aunty. We blowed some balloons up and put some marbles on the table we also put covers on the tables. 

Next we went home and started getting ready and started cooking we made some potatoes salad and crab salad my grandpa made curry and chopsuey. My aunty arrived home with the key and she got all the tapas and mats ready. after we were ready it was time to leave to the hall when we arrived we waited outside the hall because there was a rugby meeting. 

When we went in the hall we layed the tapas and mats on the floor and we put the cake and the key on top of the tapa. next we set the food in the kitchen. Later on family and friends started arriving. The photo booth was set up and next the celebration started. The first thing we did was wait for my uncle the birthday boy and his girlfriend to arrive so we can surprise him. Before my uncle saw us he was blind folded and when he took off his blind fold all the lights went off and we all said surprise!!! out loud.

When my uncle saw my aunty,uncle,grandpa and my dad he hugged them and cried. He was happy to see the picture of my nana. After that we did a prayer and we gave my uncle his key and my grandpa gave my uncle a carving my nana wanted to give to him. Next we gave my uncles cake to his aunty we gave the top layer and we gave blankets,mats and tapas. Later on they were serving food and next the dances. The first dance was my sister after my sister was my cousin and next my other cousin. when I went to the bar man he said Im wasting my money because I bought 2 chocolate bars 1 chips and 6 cokes but I said I can afford it. Finally we prayer and finished the celebration the last thing that happend was that my uncle had to drink 10 bottles of beer.

Now I felt happy and I wish It could have been bigger and longer the celebration also I wish that there was more food.