Friday, 8 June 2018

Land Past And Present With Agueer

 This is my Inquiry on land,past and present lots of Maori people lived in mare's and also chief's in the past Maori people went to war. Maori people use to have stick houses. A Maori lady called Dame whina cooper fought for Maori land back and she marched from Waitangi to Wellington she also signed the treaty of Waitangi.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Virus Of Ebola

Hello agent Jones said Mr Askew you are going on a mission to fight the impossible and stop the virus of Ebola. Your first stop is Bollywood,India. I need three people I'll take Amy,Terry and Perry. Amy and Perry stay here and guard I said also look out encase you or I get Ebola. Terry you come and find some healing plant and also make our plan. Terry said ok and so we headed.

When I arrived I could see so many people sick  and not so many people happy. I had no idea the virus was as worse I saw a old man who manged to fight the Ebola virus I said how did the Ebola virus get here he explained it started last week on a Friday we all went to the market to get food and monkeys started attacking people then people turned around and killed the monkeys the blood of the monkey was all over the people when they got home they started getting sick and Ebola started spreading around the town. Those people who got the Ebola virus had vomited and sadly passed away after one week of having Ebola.

 Now I was off to get something to heal this virus. I walked along a path and found the old Indian healing plant it was called two of a kind because there was only two of the plant if you took both of them there will be no more of the plant two of a kind. I got one of the flower and healed everyone else and the whole town let me have the plant two of a kind.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

My Hip Hop Class With Jess

My Hip Hop class with Jess was fun. First Jess told us to have a warm up. She said we need to warm up because our mussels need to be warm. She also taught us how to whip and how to do the shoot. Jess let us play musical statue the winners were Agueer and Alamoni.  When we had our warm up my hand and arms also my toes were hurting,soar and tired.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

This is what I know about Maori people

This is a list of what I know about Maori people in the past and Maori people in the present.