Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My awesome blog.

Jun 6, 2017 11:42:05 AM.jpgMalo lelei, My name is Sione and I attend Ruapotaka School. I am a Tongan. I have two brothers and two sisters and we all live with our mum and dad.I am good at Reading.I enjoy playing , dancing , playing sports , listening to music.and art My challenge is to be better than before.My goals for this year are to try my best.I am  looking forward to moving up in reading, maths, spelling and writing. I have achieved using my manners. My friends inspires me because they support me. We have been learning about Tonga, Samoa, tapa, the Treaty of Waitangi, bullying,pests and A.N.Z.A.C.


  1. Malo e lelei Sione, awesome blog wrting keep up the good writing.

  2. Talofa Lava Sione. I really like you profile post about yourself.
    I read your post and I see that you have put the same paragraph
    in your post but that is okay because you can edit it. You are the
    same culture as my friend Limiteti. Keep up the good work Sione!