Tuesday, 15 August 2017

learning about pests

2 march 2017 2/3/2017
   The disadvantage of having pest.

The pests kills all the native birds.pest are also known as mustlids. The pests eats all our food.The pests came from other countries.pests are at the wrong place at the wrong place.The pests hunt at night.Pests are bad animals that hurts things.

Pests are not native to new zealand. pests are bad animals that do the wrong thing.pests like eating other animals.pests try catch our native birds but others eat food.pests are not freinds with other animals.


  1. Kia Orana Sione, your description was very clear to me, a few mistakes but it is pretty good. Also when you finish a sentence please put a space. Sione do you ever want to see a ferret?

  2. Hi Agueer thanks for the comment no I do not want to see a ferret because it scares me.